Photo of Jenn Schmidt-Rempel in downtown Lethbridge

I’m Jenn Schmidt-Rempel, Councillor, Lethbridge City Council.

Thank you Lethbridge for voting for me to be your voice on Lethbridge City Council.

My spouse Tim and I grew up in Southern Alberta. We have built our home and businesses here in Lethbridge, and I love to share the stories of this amazing place we call home.

I am a partner in a communications and marketing consulting business as well as several local quick-serve restaurant franchises, and if you ever picked up an issue of Lethbridge living magazine or any of its associated publications, I was the owner, publisher, and editor for 10 years until 2017.

I know Lethbridge and our surrounding communities.

I was raised in Claresholm and moved to Lethbridge to attend University of Lethbridge in 1988.

I am a passionate representative and advocate for our city and Southern Alberta.

I have helped community organizations and non-profit groups engage and connect with residents, and elected and non-elected officials at the local, provincial, and federal levels.

I also understand the need for Lethbridge to connect and work with our surrounding communities.

Jenn Schmidt-Rempel and friends at a STARS air ambulance fundraiser
Tweet from Jenn Schmidt-Rempel featuring her and two of the Green Fools performers at the Lt. Governor's Arts Awards

I am engaged in our city.

I currently serve on the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce Board as well as the Lethbridge Police Commission. I am also a Patient/Family Advisor in the South Zone for Alberta Health Services.

I have previously served on Economic Development Lethbridge for five years as the Non-Profit Sector representative, and had the honour of serving two years as Economic Development Lethbridge’s Board Chair.

I served as a member of the Premier’s Advisory Task Force on Ukraine, and was also an active member of the City of Lethbridge’s Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.

I’ve previously served on the Lethbridge Allied Arts Council as a Board Member and its President, as a Board Member on the Covenant Health, Lethbridge Community Board, and worked on a number of Lethbridge BILD committees when it was the Canadian Homebuilder’s Association – Lethbridge Region.

I advocate for Lethbridge’s success and help promote our city.

I have represented Lethbridge and various organizations on seven successful Team Lethbridge missions, where I was part of a group of community leaders that works to raise awareness of how Lethbridge contributes to the province, and how we can further work with our government representatives to support long-term success for Alberta.

During my time as the owner of Lethbridge living, I represented Lethbridge and small magazine publishing for five years at the provincial level on the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association, serving as that Association’s President for three years.

I had the opportunity to represent Lethbridge, and small magazine publishing in western Canada as a Board Member of Magazines Canada, where I was also able to meet with several MPs in a national initiative that was initiated to help MPs understand the challenges and importance of the magazine industry in Canada.

As part of my work with Alberta Magazines and Magazines Canada I assisted in the development of a magazine industry profile for Service Canada, again bringing the voice of small publishers and business in western Canada to a federal platform.

Jenn Schmidt-Rempel with Team Lethbridge at the Alberta Legislature

I love sharing the stories of this place we call home.

From helping with a neighbourhood Jane’s Walk to bringing the united message of our city to Edmonton on a Team Lethbridge mission, I love to share that Lethbridge is a great place to live, work, and play.