Supporting and advocating for the services we need.

The City of Lethbridge is facing some immediate challenges, and we’re going to need to have some honest conversations around level of service and fiscal management. I’m not afraid to have those conversations.

We need to find cost-effective ways to manage, support, and advocate for the services our physical community, people, businesses need.

Health Care and Mental Health Care Services

I’m committed to advocating for health care and mental health care services and supports for all people in our city. This includes:

  • Holding our provincial and federal governments accountable and ensuring that our city and region are getting appropriate and necessary funding and supports for all health care services.
  • Working with local AHS teams on a recruitment strategy to attract medical professionals in all areas of specialization to our city, so that everyone has a family doctor.
  • Working with community organizations to assist them in securing funding and support from provincial and federal governments. This includes ensuring they’re able to provide the services necessary, so people don’t fall into crisis.

What does this mean for you? The health service professionals in our area do a tremendous job. Lethbridge City Council needs to do more to support them. For too long our area has been short many healthcare related services. Residents shouldn’t have to drive to Calgary or Edmonton for services. Residents shouldn’t fall into crisis because they can’t get the services needed here or because there’s a delay in receiving/accessing service that’s not available in the immediate area. Lethbridge is a regional hub and should be seeing the funding and supports of a regional hub.

Post-secondary Education and Skills Development

To develop and retain our local work force, I’m committed to supporting and advocating for our post-secondary and other educational and skills-building institutions as places for investment. A commitment to supporting this industry in Lethbridge will provide for future opportunities in economic development, and in educating future generations.

Their innovative approaches to program offerings and skills development, and their willingness to work with business to better align training with opportunities are what will help us recover and drive our economy forward.

We’re fortunate to have 4 post-secondary institutions in our city:

  • University of Lethbridge
  • Lethbridge College
  • Reeves College
  • Red Crow College

What does this mean for you? Whether it is a first diploma or degree, skills upgrading, or changing your career, these institutions are here for everyone in our community. We are able to do our own skills development right here at home. Our city boasts some of the highest rated post-secondary institutions in the country, and these institutions are here to fulfill our educational and career needs.

Police Services

I’m committed to supporting the Lethbridge Police Commission in their work of building and ensuring the safety of our city and exploring where changes and improvements may need to occur. This includes holding the Commission accountable for the oversight of the Lethbridge Police Service and its budget.

Lethbridge City Council does not manage police services in our city. That’s the role of the Police Commission. City Council determines how much funding to provide the Lethbridge Police Commission, and the Commission allocates dollars based on the Service’s need. I support providing police services with the resources necessary to deliver the services we are asking them to provide.

An Action Plan has recently been submitted by the Lethbridge Police Services to the Provincial Government. I will commit to holding the Lethbridge Police Commission accountable and reporting back on that Action Plan.

I would also encourage each member of the Commission and each member of Council go on a ride along with first responder groups.

What does this mean for you? You’ll know that our police services is moving forward in ensuring the safety of all areas of our city, and that the Lethbridge Police Commission is being held accountable for policing services in our city.

I would also encourage residents and businesses to speak with Lethbridge Police Services regarding Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). Downtown BRZ recently posted information about a CPTED grant available to businesses and property owners in our downtown.