Weekly Roundup Dec. 1

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Lethbridge and District Exhibition Park Update

I received several questions as to why I voted the way I did on this issue. You can find my commentary on this agenda item (posted earlier this week) at: https://jennschmidtrempel.ca/in-response-to-todays-meeting/

I will reiterate though, I largely did not support any points in the motion because I believe we should have moved forward with our support of Exhibition Park without the condition of receiving a formal commitment from the Province. That we should be working in a collaborative fashion with Exhibition Park, the Province, as well as other stakeholders and investors to secure additional funding for the project.

Council allocated up to $30,000 in one-time funding to build a fenced dog run on the Animal Shelter property with the aim to provide additional opportunities for socializing, training, and exercising dogs available for adoption at the Animal Shelter.

A resident came forward to appeal an order to remove chickens from his backyard. Council will meet to deliberate the request.

Starting Sunday, December 3, the City of Lethbridge is introducing two Ability Skate times into its public skating schedule. The Ability Skate is a new sensory-friendly public skating program specifically designed for Lethbridge residents with disabilities. Learn more at: https://www.lethbridge.ca/news/posts/new-ability-skate-now-available/

Nikka Yuko Winter Light Festival: https://nikkayuko.com/winter-light-festival/

Lethbridge Handmade Market: https://www.facebook.com/events/564059692463163

Big Christmas Show & Farmers Market: https://www.facebook.com/events/186371810937311

Christmas Glow: https://www.glowgardens.com/lethbridge/

Agenda packages and video are available at: https://agendas.lethbridge.ca/AgendaOnline 

  • Dec. 6: Audit Standing Policy Committee
  • Dec. 7: Assets & Infrastructure Standing Policy Committee
    • This meeting will allow the public to speak to and ask question about:
      • The Toxic & E-Waste Round-Up Pilot Project
      • The 2023 Transportation Master Plan
      • The Land Use Bylaw Renewal Project Update
      • Exhibition Park emergency funding request

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