Weekly Roundup Dec. 8

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Audit Standing Policy Committee, Dec. 6, 2023:

Committee received the Audit Planning Report and the Economic Update and Public Sector Accounting Standard 3450 – Financial Instruments report in a closed session.

Assets & Infrastructure Standing Policy Committee, Dec. 7, 2023:

Committee received an update on the Toxic and E-Wast Round-Up Pilot projects held this year. Due to the success of the 2 events held in 2023, another 2 events have been recommended to Council for 2024.

It’s important to note that there will still be opportunity for the public to engage on individual projects included in the 2023 Transportation Master Plan as each project will come forward to Council for approval.

There were concerns brought forward by a local business regarding communication about the recently completed construction in the downtown core. All feedback received regarding the construction will give us an opportunity to improve and adjust as we move forward and onto future projects.

I asked a question regarding accessibility and where we were at with retrofitting intersections for accessibility. In 2023, 77% of intersections have intersections with pedestrian ramps.

Committee also receive a Land Use Bylaw Renewal Project Update. Phase 1 is directed towards social issues exploration and how the new Land Use Bylaw can help ensure that everyone in Lethbridge has appropriate housing for their needs and the option to access the social supports they need.

As we work through the Phase 1 bylaw process, a public hearing is planned for March 26, 2024. Opportunities to engage on Phase 2 will be available as that starts and moves forward.

Committee also heard from members of the community regarding Exhibition Park’s emergency funding request. Speakers included:

  • Cyndi Bester, Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce
  • Dale Leier, local business owner
  • Layne Whipple, local business owner
  • Erin Crane, Tourism Lethbridge
  • Alf Gurr, local business owner
  • Bridget Mearns, BILD

Members of committee also heard that Mayor Hyggen and Exhibition Park CEO, Mike Warkentin, met with provincial representatives this week.

I asked questions pertaining to operational costs if the City of Lethbridge were to take over operations of the Agri-Food Hub: operational costs would increase, particularly if there was no revenue from events or programs being generated, and the loan would need to be covered through new taxation.

At this time there is no update on the Dec. 12 City Council agenda for this item.

It was fantastic news for our city this week as the provincial government announced funding for up to 50 temporary winter shelter spaces. It’s a step in the right direction as we continue to work on helping the most vulnerable in our city: https://www.alberta.ca/release.cfm?xID=8941449F57D64-F4ED-507F-79256D90921640DE

Congratulations to the team at PIP International for the work they’re doing with Emissions Reduction Alberta and the Government of Alberta. Their work on their Total Energy Solution Project will showcase an innovative thermal battery, which will bring PIP to net zero and emissions free: https://www.alberta.ca/release.cfm?xID=894285A615B45-EF69-116E-B4E4D086C5B075A6

Agenda packages and video are available at: https://agendas.lethbridge.ca/AgendaOnline 

  • Dec. 12: City Council
  • Dec. 14: Safety & Social Standing Policy Committee
    • This meeting will allow the public to speak to and ask questions about:
      • YWCA Harbour House Expansion
      • Lethbridge Social Helping Organizations Coalition

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