Weekly Roundup Nov. 19

Highlights from last week’s meetings…

There’s a lot to review from Council last week as we had a regular meeting of Council (Nov. 14), met as Economic & Finance Standing Policy Committee (Nov. 14 – 16), and met as Safety & Social Standing Policy Committee (Nov. 16).

Video and agenda packages for all meetings are available at: https://agendas.lethbridge.ca/AgendaOnline

If you have any questions at all, or would like to talk further about the work Council is doing, please contact me via this website, or email me at:


City Council, Nov. 14, 2023:


  • Taxi amendments – Business Licence Bylaw 5658
    • Council voted to amend Licence bylaw 5658 that removes the requirement for regulated fares in the city as well as removing the requirement for a taxi to have a top light.
    • Drivers will still be required to be licensed, have criminal record checks, and companies will still be required to submit vehicles for inspection.

Economic & Finance Standing Policy Committee, Nov. 14 – 16, 2023:


We received a general economic update highlighting and overviewing current economic conditions and the impact on the City’s financial position and financial resources. Topics covered were:

  • Overall economic conditions
  • Taxation pressures
  • Utility pressure
  • Operating & Capital pressures
  • Impact on reserves

We also received presentations on:

  • 2023 September Operating Forecast
  • A summary report of the 2023 – 2026 Operating Budge Initiatives
  • A summary report of the 2022 – 2031 Capital Improvement Program

The City faces financial pressures including inflation and rising interest rates. The presentations and updates over the 3 days gave Council an opportunity to consider options and tools that will assist with future financial decision to continue to meet the needs and expectations of our growing city.

  • Lethbridge Housing Authority Tax Request
    • Economic & Finance SPC recommended to Council that one-time funding of $180,000 be provided to Lethbridge & Region Community Housing Corporation and Lethbridge Housing Authority for operating funding for affordable housing properties
    • Further, administration was directed to develop a non-profit Affordable Housing Grant Program with funding options
  • Community Group Budget Process Review for Grants and Fee for Service
    • Economic & Financial SPC proposed increased funding of $37,500 per year per organization (2024 – 2026) for:
      • Interfaith Food Bank
      • Lethbridge Food Bank
      • Lethbridge Soup Kitchen
      • Habitat for Humanity

Safety & Social Standing Policy Committee:

This week at City Council:

Agenda packages and video are available at: https://agendas.lethbridge.ca/AgendaOnline 

  • Nov. 23: Governance Standing Policy Committee

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