Jenn Schmidt-Rempel Announces Run for Lethbridge City Council

I’m excited to share that on Thursday, June 3, 10 a.m. I launched my campaign to run for Lethbridge City Council.

Vote Jenn Schmidt-Rempel for Lethbridge City Council
Vote Jenn Schmidt-Rempel for Lethbridge City Council

It’s no secret that I’m a passionate representative and advocate for our city and local area, and I understand the need for Lethbridge to connect and work with our surrounding communities. I want to strengthen those local, provincial, and national connections, and help see our city into the bright future I know we have.

My full platform, which will be rolled out over the coming months, has 4 pillars:

People: Our city’s success relies on how we support the experiences of our people through community spaces, services, and businesses. We need to ensure we offer everyone who lives here a space to belong.

Service: The City of Lethbridge is facing some immediate challenges, and we’re going to need to have some difficult conversations around level of service and fiscal management. I am not afraid to have those conversations. With my skills, knowledge, and abilities, I am the best candidate to ask the uncomfortable and difficult questions.

Business: Our community, people, and services all rely on the businesses that call Lethbridge home. We need to continue to make our city an attractive place to do business by supporting current businesses and committing to business attraction and retention with out-of-the box thinking.

Community: We all want what’s best for this city we call home, as we continue to ensure that it is an attractive and healthy place for people to live, work, and play. Our physical community spaces, and how we approach land use and development is inherently linked to our people, services, and businesses.

Through connected and compassionate people, efficient services, and resilient businesses, we will have a strong community.

I have the experience and I am engaged in our community. I currently serve on the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the City of Lethbridge’s Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, and as a Patient/Family Advisor in the South Zone for Alberta Health Services. I’ve represented this city on six successful Team Lethbridge missions, served as board chair for Economic Development Lethbridge and the Allied Arts Council, and also served on the Covenant Health Community Board. I was the owner, publisher, and editor of Lethbridge living magazine, until we sold that business in 2017, and I now work at the Lethbridge Public Library as the Manager of Marketing and Social Media. 

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