The 4 Pillars of My Campaign: People. Service. Business. Community.

When I was building my campaign platform last fall, I considered the things that need to work together for us to have a strong and healthy Lethbridge. My volunteer and work experiences through organizations such as Economic Development Lethbridge, Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce, Lethbridge living magazine, and my current work at the public library, have all helped to prepare me to create a balanced platform. (Learn more about my skills and experience in the About section of my website.)

I’m running for Lethbridge City Council because I believe that this city we call home will have a bright future only when our people, our services, our businesses, and our community are all healthy and working together.

My campaign platform is built on 4 pillars:


Our city’s success relies on how we support the experiences of our people through community spaces, services, and business. I’m committed to ensuring we offer a space for everyone who lives here to belong. That means taking care of and committing to everyone who lives here, and finding cost-effective, citizen-involved, needs-based ways to do that.


The City of Lethbridge is facing some immediate challenges, and we are going to need to have some difficult conversations around level of service and fiscal management. I am not afraid to have those conversations. With my skills, knowledge, and experience, I am the best candidate to ask the uncomfortable and difficult questions. I am committed to finding cost-effective ways to manage, support, and advocate for the services our physical community, people, and businesses need.


Our community, people, and services all rely on robust and thriving business. I am committed to continuing to make our city an attractive place to do business by supporting current businesses and working on business attraction and retention activities with out-of-the-box and flexible thinking. Lethbridge is poised to lead Alberta in economic growth because of the strategies we have in place and planning we have done. We’ve done some good work, but more still needs to be done, and I’m committed to doing that.


We all want what’s best for Lethbridge. I’m committed to ensuring that our city is an attractive and healthy place for people to live, play, work, and visit. This includes committing to our physical community spaces, and examining how we approach land development, which is inherently linked to people, service, and business.

It’s only through connected and compassionate people, efficient services, and resilient businesses that we will have a strong community.

My ability to build, bridge, and balance different perspectives – to connect the economic with the social, to balance business needs with social spending – means that I am prepared to have the difficult conversations we must have and make decisions about level of service and fiscal management. My experience means I have a unique skill set that enables me to consider different perspectives, to anticipate unintended consequences, and to make balanced decisions. I can objectively evaluate each issue in the context of community needs.

What does this mean for you?

Vote for me to be your elected representative and your voice on Lethbridge City Council. I won’t claim to have all the answers, but I will represent you and our city, and I will ask questions and listen because I’m not afraid to learn.

I also want to hear from you. I want to know what services you use, and where you believe things could change to make those services more efficient.

I believe in exchanging information and building relationships. If there is something in my campaign you would like to provide feedback on, or talk about, I welcome the opportunity to hear from you.

Our people, our services, our businesses, and our community all need to be healthy and working together to build a bright future for our city.

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